Cristina Maurelli



Storyteller, author and director, she wrote TV programs, theater shows, short films and documentaries selected at numerous international festivals. She has been a copywriter for more than 25 years working with the most important Italian and international brands. She is the creator of the PV CODE method – participatory cinema for community development, and an expert in social narratives. She teaches at the University of Brescia and Mantua.

Telling inspiring stories is her way of trying to make the world a better place.



I am a storyteller. I tell stories to inspire, reflect, change. It’s my way of trying to make the world a better place. Writing and creative ideation are constant parts of my life.

I started as a journalist and then moved on to television. For years I wrote Bim Bum Bam, a daily program for “little humans” and I worked, among others, on music and movies programs. I have written theatrical shows and readings, about civil themes. I have written and directed, with C. Concina numerous documentaries about social issues, civil and human rights and equality.

I created the PVCODE method (Participatory Video for COmmunity Development), on which I wrote the  book “Video Partecipativo” (Dino Audino Editore). With this method and the support of Liberi Svincoli, I have created short participatory films with numerous and diverse groups of people and  fragile communities.

I have been teaching Discipline dello Spettacolo (Perfoming Art) at the University of Brescia and Mantua for 20 years, and  I have held masterclasses, workshops, keynote presentations and lessons in numerous Italian and foreign Universities, in Academies and Schools of excellence, but also in many high schools, training centers, festivals and events.

I worked as a copywriter and advertising author for Italian and international companies. I narrated products, promotions, industrial stories, mainly for commercials and videos, but also for press and digital, also dealing with corporate and internal communications.

Since 2021, with G. Rossi, I founded a consultancy company, a strategic and creative hub called Bold Stories which helps brands and organizations discover their “bold” identity and establish the successful strategy to achieve their goals, telling inspiring stories and making choices for a different and fairer world.

For Bold Stories I was co-author of the successful Color Carne digital campaign for inclusive representation, and co-author of the book “Stereotypes in colour” Ed. Flacowsky.

I try with words and images to open paths and create new awareness.

Because I learned that stories have the power to change reality and when they are bold also to create it.


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