Cristina Maurelli

Telling inspiring stories is how I try to make the world a better place. 

Hi. I'm Cristina Maurelli.

I tell stories to inspire, reflect, change.

It’s my way to make the world a better place. I try with words and images to open paths and create new awareness.

I speak and write about people, places, facts (but also about brands and products).

I am a “cantastorie”, a storyteller.

In short

I like showing different points of view, unknown realities and people, building connections, sharing experiences.

I started out as a journalist and then moved into television. I wrote plays, readings, “doc live shows“ on civil themes.

I wrote and directed numerous documentaries together with Carlo Concina: in prison, with people with mental illness, migrants, in Palestine and in the refugee camp of Dadaab, the largest in Africa.

I have dealt a lot with social issues, rights and equality: because a more just and equitable society is good for the whole community.

I like to share experiences and knowledge.

I have held masterclasses, workshops, keynote presentations and lectures in many Universities in Italy and abroad, in Academies and Schools of excellence, but also in many High Schools, Training Centers, Festivals and Events.

And I learned that words and images have the power to change reality.

I can come and tell you and your people what I know about storytelling in all its forms and help you find the right story to plan a different and more authentic future.

Contact me for screenings, masterclasses, workshops, keynotes, talks and events.

My commitment to brands and companies.

Cristina Maurelli
Cristina Maurelli
Cristina Maurelli

Writing and creative ideation for brands is a constant of my working life. In all these years, I have written as an author and advertising copywriter for Italian and international companies. I wrote about products, promotions, industrial stories, mainly for commercials and tv ads, but also for magazines and digital, also dealing with corporate and internal communication.

So to enhance this experience, with Giuditta Rossi, I founded a consultancy company, a strategic and creative hub called Bold Stories which helps brands and organizations to find their own “bold” identity and to establish the winning strategy to reach their own goals, telling inspiring stories and making choices, including business ones, for a different and more just world.

Storytelling and strategy merge, thanks to numerous operational proprietary tools that we have studied, tested and registered in the Bold Stories Model ® and in the Storytelling Thinking ® methodology, and that we have presented in numerous Italian and foreign universities.

And for Bold Stories I co-authored the successful Color Carne campaign for an inclusive representation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I have always dealt with rights and I think that today more than ever it is necessary to give people the tools to challenge the standards that still divide us and understand how to promote change in everyday life. I talk about it with Bold Stories to people and companies. I think stories have the power to show people in their uniqueness: because those who are not represented do not exist.

Stereotypes in Colors is the book I wrote with Giuditta Rossi. It is a small guide to color prejudices and biases. We talk about gender, ethnicity, sexual and romantic orientation, disability, culture, neurodivergence, non-conforming bodies, age.

It’s an inspirational book training to tell a more authentic reality.

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Participatory cinema as an opportunity for change.

I have used storytelling in all its forms, from newspaper articles to documentaries, from television programs to theater performances, to short films made with participatory video.

I created the PV CODE method (Participatory Video for Community Development), on which I wrote a manual for Dino Audino Editore. With this five-step method, I made short films with the most diverse groups of people, from various Italian cities and in international cooperation: from teenagers, to athletes with disabilities, from people with addiction to those in prison, from ethnic minorities to those who live in the complicated suburbs.

Contact me if you want to carry out a project or learn more about the methodology.

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I want to give people the tools to design the future with the power of storytelling.